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( SAMPLE PHOTOS ) This is for a used JDM 1993-1997 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR inline 6 twin turbo engine & all wheel drive 5 speed manual transmission swap. (RB26DETT.R33.SWAP)


The RB26DETT engine is a 2.6 L Inline-6 engine manufactured by Nissan, for use in the 1989-2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R. The RB26DETT engine block is made from cast iron, while the cylinder head is made from aluminium. The cylinder head contains 24 valves (4 valves per cylinder), and uses a dual overhead camshaft setup. The intake of the RB26DETT varies from other RB-series motors in that it has six individual throttle bodies (3 sets of 2 throttle assemblies that are siamesed together) instead of a single throttle body. The engine also uses a parallel twin-turbo system, using a pair of T25-type ceramic turbochargers set by the wastegates to limit boost pressure to 10 psi, although the Skyline GT-R has a built in boost restrictor to keep boost under 14 psi.

The first 2.6 L RB26DETT was rated by Nissan at around 276 HP (206 kW) @ 6800 rpm and 260 lb·ft (353 Nm) @ 4400 rpm. By the end of production, power levels had gone up to around 276 HP (206 kW) @ 6800 rpm and 289 lb·ft (392 Nm) @ 4400 rpm, not only because of developments and modifications to the engine, but also because of the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” made between Japanese automakers to limit the “advertised” horsepower of any vehicle to 280 PS (276 HP). The RB26 is widely known and became quite popular for its strength and power potential, making it a modification friendly platform for tuners and aftermarket modifications in general, not unlike Toyota’s 1JZ-GTE engine. It is common for modified engines to achieve outputs of 500 hp+. Some of the most extreme and extensive modifications done to the RB26 have resulted in figures of 1000 hp+, even up to 1,638 hp.

Some factory features of the RB26DETT:

  • 6 throttle body intake
  • Solid lifter valve actuation, bucket on shim
  • Belt driven cams
  • CAS (crank angle sensor) driven off exhaust cam, tells ECU (engine control unit) crank/cam position
  • water cooled, oil pressure lubed turbos
  • OEM cast pistons have cooling channels under the crowns (extra oil cooling to keep piston temperatures down)
  • Piston oil squirters
  • Sodium filled exhaust valves
  • 8 Counter weighted crankshaft
  • ‘I’ beam con rods (more reliable with ARP rod bolts fitted)
  • There is a common oiling problem with the pre-1992 R32 RB26 motors, as the surface where the crankshaft meets the oil pump was machined too small, eventually leading to oil pump failure at high rpm. This issue was resolved in later versions of the RB26 with a wider oil pump drive. Aftermarket performance parts makers also make oil pump extension drive collars to rectify this problem. More recently a spline drive solution has been developed by an aftermarket tuner Supertec Racing who moves away from the OEM flat drive system and uses splines to drive the oil pump gears in the same way as Toyota’s 1JZ GTE engine as found in the Supra MKIV. This kit is available for most uprated RB26 oil pumps including Nissans own OEM, N1 and Nismo.Besides minor cosmetic updates and ECU fine tunings, changes were made in the R34 generation to ball bearing T28 turbochargers as opposed to journal bearing turbos. The R34 GT-R turbos retained the ceramic exhaust turbine wheel. Models that had steel exhaust turbine wheels included the R32 nismo, R32-R33-R34 N1 models and R34 Nür spec skyline GT-R’s


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